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Everyone from all around the world lined up for this adventure! Top-Level Adrenalin gushing at Vialand with Breathtaking, Adventurous, Viking, 360 and Justice Tower.

Istanbul Akvaryum

In comparison to other aquariums of its class containing fish species living in the world’s seas, it is the newest with its travel route, thematization, interactivity, rainforest and cutting-edge technology…


Via Properties, signing Turkey's most ambitious life centers, "changes the definition of fun" with its theme parks and entertainment centers.

Jungle Istanbul

Our park has almost 400 animals in total from 100 different species. And some of them are on the verge of extinction. We continuously improve ourselves to take better care of them.


Welcome to the LEGOLAND® Discovery Center in Istanbul, filled with fun and colorful LEGO® pieces, one of the best indoor entertainment venues where families can explore and enjoy the world of creativity with their 3-10 year-old children.


FUNLAB FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT CENTER® operates under mother company BALO, distributor of world's prominent entertainment unit manufacturers such as SEGA and ICE to name a few.