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Vialand, the first shopping, entertainment and living complex in Turkey that combines a Theme Park with a shopping mall, hotel and show center, is located on an area of 600 thousand square meters in total. Covering an area of 120 thousand square meters and ready ta provide thrilling moments ta its guests with the matta “‘Happy Memories Land”, Vialand Theme Park features already popular and new entertainment rides such as “‘Bumblebee”,
‘Savana” and “360 Plus’, along with ‘LSM Nefeskesen Rollercoaster”, selected as the 4th best roller coaster in the world, “‘Drop Tower”, which offers an adrenaline-filled descent from 50 meters, and rides that promise excitement and adrenaline at extreme levels such as King Kong Ride and Water Coaster. Throughout the season, Vialand brings its guests together with special cortege shows. Children get acquainted with the colorful world of costume characters and spend unlimited hours of fun and entertainment with a single ticket at Vialand.

Lunch NOT Included
Minimum 4 People