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About this tour
Start your day with a delightful Breakfast On The Bosphorus With Le Vapeur Magique. Indulge in an unlimited breakfast while soaking in the breathtaking views of the Bosphorus, which set the perfect backdrop for a memorable morning.

Step aboard this magnificent ship, where surprises await at every turn. Not just a cruise, Le Vapeur Magique is a multifaceted experience, doubling as a museum, cafe, restaurant, exhibition, and concert hall. Immerse yourself in the charm of Istanbul as you embark on a journey filled with activities and wonders.

Highlights of your two-hour Bosphorus tour include cruising past iconic landmarks such as Dolmabahce, Çıragan, and Beylerbeyi palaces, alongside stunning examples of civic architecture. Capture the perfect snapshots of your Istanbul adventure under the bright sunlight and gentle breeze of the Bosphorus.

Have A Fantastic Breakfast On The Bosphorus With Le Vapeur Magique!

Your breakfast menu boasts a tempting array of hot and cold delicacies, ensuring a satisfying meal that will energize you for the day ahead. Fear not; live jazz performances provide the perfect soundtrack to accompany your dining experience.

Step inside Le Vapeur Magique and discover its treasures, including 3D boxes featuring masterpiece-level paintings, offering entertainment and fantastic photo opportunities.

Departing daily from Sarayburnu at 9:45 AM and 12:45 PM, Le Vapeur Magique continues the proud tradition of steamboats on the Bosphorus, blending Turkish and French influences in its art deco design.

Take your chance to be a part of this rich history and treat yourself to a morning of luxury and exploration aboard Le Vapeur Magique. Book your spot now and embark on a breakfast cruise like no other!

Unlimited Breakfast MENU:

Cheese Platter (Ezine White Cheese, Antakya String Cheese, Antakya Sunmated Cheese)
Black Olives
Antakya Crushed Green Olives with Sauce
Zucchini Paste with Strained Yogurt Muhammara
Fresh Buckthorn Salad
Fresh Walnut Jam
Crispy Pumpkin Jam in Lime
Sour Cherry jam
Milk Cream and Honey
Pomegranate Sauced Cherry Tomatoes and Baby Cucumber Antioch Butter
Antakya Style Acuka


Baked Sausages with Sauce,
Antakya Style Eggs with Cheese on Top, Baked Antakya Cheese with Butter and Garlic, Simit, Sourdough Bread
Glass Bottled Water
Fresh Orange Juice
Turkish Coffee
Filter Coffee